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Family Travel Overview

Family Travel With Vaya Adventures

Family travel can be one of the best things in life. Sharing the experience of new cultures and the spectacular variety of nature allows families to bond in ways that are hard to match. We offer a variety of trips in South & Central America that are designed specifically with families in mind, with special pricing and activities designed to make the most of the experience for everyone. We can also customize any of our suggested itineraries to make an exceptional family adventure that perfectly suits your family’s interests and travel dates.

The Galapagos Islands

Kids love wildlife, and the wildlife viewing in the Galapagos couldn’t be better, because it’s all around you. It’s hard to imagine a better experience for kids than swimming with friendly sea lions as giant sea turtles go by. Some Galapagos vessels offer exclusive “family departures” that focus on making sure the discussion and activities are geared towards the ages of the children onboard. You can also do these trips knowing that there will be other families with kids going on the trip (minumum age of 7 so it’s mostly pre-teens and teens). The Eric/Flamingo/Letty in particular is a Galapagos option that offers many departure dates specifically for families. Click here to find out more information on this option. If your family has extra time, the Amazon Jungle is a popular extension to a Galapagos trip… a 2 or 3 night trip can be easily set up either before or after a Galapagos cruise, and is always a big hit with kids.

Peru & Machu Picchu

For families with inquisitive children, Peru can be one of the very best places to take a family vacation. The cultural aspects of a trip to Peru are unsurpassed. Opportunities for active excursions such as moderate mountain biking and rafting help keep kids’ interest. On our standard Peru family trip, we include a one day hike to Machu Picchu. An alternative, if you like camping, is the the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, a challenging but accessible 4 day trek that offers families the chance to share one of the world’s greatest treks together. This is a challenging trek but for many teenagers it is very manageable. A great combination for families in Peru is a trip to Machu Picchu along with an extension to the Peruvian Amazon… the wildlife aspects paired with the exposure to a profound new culture can make these trips some of the most rewarding for families.  If you have the time, another popular combination is to put Peru together with the Galapagos Islands… for information check out our Machu Picchu & the Galapagos Islands itinerary.


Belize is one of the best options for families because it offers so much in such an accessible package… you have opportunities to explore ancient jungle-covered ruins such as Tikal (one of the highlights of Mayan civilization), superb wildlife and nature, plus a few days at the beach with the Western Hemisphere’s longest barrier reef just offshore for outstanding snorkeling. Given the shorter distance to travel, these trips can also be done in as little as 7 or 8 days. Some hotels offer the option of 2 bedroom suites, a great option for families because it keeps everyone together (but with separate bedrooms!), and generally keeps the costs lower.

Costa Rica

There are a lot of reasons this is a perennial favorite with families. Costa Rica is one of the premier family destinations in the world, and they really have it down when it comes to making things fun for everyone involved. From viewing volcanoes and wildlife, to zipline canopy tours, to beautiful beaches and exceptionally fun and friendly people, Costa Rica is an outstanding option for a family vacation. Our Costa Rica Family Adventure takes you to a combination of out of the way, less visited locations (such as the Osa Peninsula) and some of the classic highlights (such as Arenal and Monteverde). A sure-fire crowd pleaser!


For active families, the southernmost areas of Argentina and Chile offer exceptional opportunities for hiking, exploring, and wildlife viewing. These trips are generally more suited to families with active teenagers. The northern areas of Patagonia, also known as the Lakes District in both Argentina and Chile, offer opportunities for rafting, biking, hiking, and kayaking in areas of stunning natural scenery. These can also be combined with Southern Patagonia and some time in the major cities of Buenos Aires and Santiago. The combination of several days of active, outdoor exploring, along with a couple days taking in a great metropolis like Buenos Aires, can be a superb family experience. Please inquire if you are interested in having a trip to Patagonia, Chile or Argentina customized for your family.