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Premier South American Small Ship Cruises

Browse some of our small ship cruise itineraries below and then give us a call to discuss your custom travel plans with a specialist. These itineraries provide a unique perspective on South American destinations, and often offer the opportunity to see areas that can only be visited by water. Cruising also offers great opportunities for in-depth exploration of local ecosystems in the company of skilled guides. Our first class small ship cruises have various start dates throughout the year, and can be matched to your travel schedule and combined with our land-based itineraries.

Ocean Spray

Galapagos Small Ship & Yacht Cruises

Travel the magnificent Galapagos aboard a small cruising vessel

We offer a handpicked selection of the best smaller vessels in each class (Luxury/First/Tourist Superior). The best way to experience the Galapagos is on one of the smaller vessels, offering a more personalized, intimate experience.


4-8 Days, flexible start dates $1,800-$6,500 / person


Amazon River Cruises

Explore the Amazon on a Riverboat Cruise

Experience an incredible array of animal and plant life and journey the longest river in South America aboard a comfortable riverboat.


3, 4, or 7 nights, many start dates From $932 / person

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Australis Small Ship Patagonia Cruises

Navigate the southernmost reaches of South America

From the first class Stella Australis (a 210 passenger ship) you will experience frequent on-shore excursions while marveling at glaciers, penguins, and a variety of Patagonian wildlife.


4-5 days, many start dates From $1,189 / person, double occupancy


Antarctica Cruises

Explore the White Continent

Journey to one of the most remote and magnificent places in the world, with multicolored icebergs, massive snow-capped peaks, flowing glaciers, and abundant wildlife.


10 to 20 days, many start dates From $3,995 / person


Patagonia by Land & Sea

Beautiful Torres del Paine & Exceptional Patagonian Cruise

Visit the Chilean capital, explore spectacular Torres del Paine National Park, take a Patagonian cruise to Argentina, and visit cosmopolitan Buenos Aires.


13 Days, flexible start dates from $7,570 / person with 2 travelers