Fondavela Monteverde

Perched high at 4,200 feet, Hotel Fonda Vela enjoys a prime location in Monteverde, known for its awe-inspiring cloud forest. Lush, tropical gardens surround the building. The hotel boasts two restaurants. Large windows line the elegant and spacious Galleria. Look carefully, and you might see a cute furry animal at the window, watching you enjoy your meal. A wood-burning fireplace adorns the Fireside Room, whose balcony seating provides views of the Gulf of Nico.

Reviews From Our Travelers

5 stars

  • Fonda Vela was beautiful. Staff was very helpful and spoke English well.
    Gene Kirby
  • Arenal Observatory Lodge and Hotel Fonda Vela were top-notch (large rooms, beautiful grounds...)...
    Aaron Deutsch

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