La Paloma Lodge

Originally built as a family fishing lodge, the La Paloma Lodge gradually expanded and eventually opened to the public. Today it is composed of seven private one- and two-story cabins with ceiling fans, bathrooms on each level, and balconies overlooking the Pacific Ocean and Caño Island. The lodge is rustic but comfortable and emphasizes simplicity and natural beauty. Due to the remote location, meals are included with your stay. The hotel also offers scuba diving equipment.

Please note: during the boat ride to La Paloma you will have a wet transfer, meaning you will step into the water, so you should have on shorts and secure sandals (sandals similar to Tevas are best). The boat staff will take your luggage to the hotel.

Reviews From Our Travelers

5 stars

  • The staff and guides at La Paloma were very good and accommodating.
    G. W.
  • La Paloma had a great location and the Sunset Rancho was incredible in terms of views and layout was good. Food was basic but tasty, the staff was very helpful.
    Bradley Gilbert
  • All three hotels - Finca Bianca, El Silencio, and La Paloma were extremely comfortable and provided beautiful views in accommodations that blended perfectly with their natural surroundings.
    Susan Virostek Breck

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