Explora Rapa Nui

Explora Rapa Nui sits on a hill overlooking the expanse of the South Pacific Ocean, and is the most refined lodging on Easter Island. The hotel design, with its 30 rooms and suites, fits harmoniously into the geography of the island and was carefully constructed to have minimal impact on the environment. Local volcanic rock and pine wood were the primary construction materials. Excursions are led by outstanding local guides and are tailored to match your interests and activity level. An exceptional option for your visit to Easter Island.

Reviews From Our Travelers

5 stars

  • Explora Rapa Nui was excellent. The staff and Excursion guides are outstanding.
    William Scott
  • The Explora Hotel in Easter Island was beautiful. The rooms were amazing with views over the landscape. The guides were great.
    Dory Gasorek
  • Easter Island was terrific... Explora did its thing flawlessly. I wish they had more operations/locations!
    Carroll Lachnit

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