Habitas Atacama

Situated just a short walk from the town of San Pedro de Atacama, Habitas Atacama offers a desert retreat for adventurous travelers in search of exploration, connection, and discovery. Inspired by Atacama's stunning natural beauty and local culture, this top-class Chilean lodge boasts 51 well-appointed rooms, a pool, wellness facilities, and a communal space for intimate gatherings. The on-site restaurant and bar feature seasonal ingredients sourced from local suppliers, complemented by an on-site herb garden that celebrates the flavors of the desert.

Take in spectacular sunsets and captivating stargazing at under the world’s clearest skies. The programs emphasize nature, offering a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, mountaineering, paragliding, and stargazing in unique landscapes like salt flats and Mars-like valleys. At the heart Habitas experiences, the focus is on: wellness, food & beverage, music, art, and adventure.

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