An Icy Adventure: Kayaking in Antarctica

Posted by on March 30th, 2019

There’s something special about the serenity and proximity with nature you feel when kayaking, and the experience of paddling through icebergs in Antarctica is a memory that will last a lifetime. To be so close to the water, with penguins shooting past, mountains towering overhead, and icebergs floating by, is an incredible experience. It’s also a rare opportunity to appreciate the world’s southernmost continent from a unique and solitary perspective. Most excursions have you in relatively close proximity with other travelers, and kayaking in small groups gets you off on your own for some close and introspective contact with nature, disturbed only by the sounds of Antarctica itself. Plus, it’s fun!

Kayaking slots on most vessels are very limited and best reserved in advance, so let us know at booking if you’re interested to see if it’s an option on your cruise. It’s a highly recommended addition to any Antarctica itinerary!

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