Delfin Amazon Cruises becomes a Relais & Châteaux member

Posted by on April 25th, 2018

Delfin’s Amazon Cruises have long been one of Peru’s top offerings for exploring the Amazon rain forest. Their vessels allow you to immerse yourself in the jungle while still enjoying all that an upscale cruise can offer. Now, new for 2018, the Delfin Amazon Cruises have been listed as Relais & Châteaux members.

What does that mean? The Relais & Châteaux website highlights how their restaurants and properties allow you feel completely immersed in a place and its culture. Well, having been on the Delfin, I can clearly say that this ship meets the standard. Also, the cuisine is top notch, another defining attribute of the restaurants and properties. On board you can taste a variety of Peruvian cuisine that can be tailored to your needs or preferences. From the superb presentation down to the exotic tastes that the chef creates using local, natural ingredients, your tastes buds are sure to be pleased!

However, a Delfin Cruise is so much more than just a vessel with excellent food. First and foremost, it is a gateway to the Amazon, a connection to the jungle. Through the various trail walks, kayak trips, canoe rides and so forth, you can observe, touch, and experience the Amazon and its wonderful wildlife, sounds, and sights. Waking up at sunrise and peering out the glass walls allows you to feel completely disconnected and immersed in an entirely different world. Then, taking an early morning observation canoe ride or a late night jungle walk, you will experience the wildlife of the Amazon in the best way possible, in their natural state!

If you are interested in having a full immersion experience without sacrificing luxury, this is one of the excellent options that the Peruvian Amazon has to offer. While the different vessels offer both 3 and 4-night cruise options, a 4 night cruise is highly recommended if you have the time. For more information about the differences between Delfin’s three vessels and for help deciding which is best for you, please contact one of our highly qualified Destination Specialists.

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