A visit to Isla Chiloe in Chile’s Lake District

Posted by on June 2nd, 2013

I recently had a chance to visit Chile‘s mythical island in the Lake District called Isla Chiloe. Among other places, I went to see and stay at a new high-end hotel, Refugia, located in a tucked away and picturesque area of the main island of Chiloe, roughly 20 minutes by car from Castro, the island’s capital.

Below is a video I put together from my day there out on their very special, traditional “Chilote” styled boat named Williche.

Chiloe has an interesting and unique history. The culture even today is fascinating (many Chilotes are farmers and fishermen and live sustainable lifestyles) and vastly differs from that of the rest of the country.

And the scenery is spectacular. A visit to Chiloe (either for the day from Puerto Varas on the mainland or with an overnight stay at a top property like Refugia) is something we can easily include during your visit to the south of Chile.

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