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Our African Destination Specialists have lived, worked and traveled extensively in Africa, developing deep roots along the way. The great friends we've made make all the difference in the quality of experience we provide to our travelers.

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From the Okavango Delta on one side to the desert landscape of the Kalahari on the other, explore the diversness of Botswana.

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Explor its vast savannas, the snow-capped mountains and the Masai Mara

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The Great Rift Valley and Lake Malawi National Park are just some of what Malawi has to offer.

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From its towering coastal sand dunes to its impressive cheetah population, Namibia is a great place to explore.

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Situated in the Great Rift Valley in the African Great Lakes region, Rwanda is a great place for seeing Gorillas.

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At the heart of East Africa, Tanzania is known for its vast Serengeti savanna where the "big five" can easily be seen.

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South Africa

From trendy Cape Town to the wildlife in Kruger National Park, South Africa has it all.

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From the snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains to Lake Victoria, Uganda's diverse landscapes host a large variety of famed wildlife.

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Discover the simple beauty of Zambia, where the tradition of walking safaris is deeply entrenched.

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Visit the impressive Victoria Falls and observe the striking beauty of Zimbabwe's wildlife.

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