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Antarctica Adventure Cruises

A journey to Antarctica is an adventure in and of itself, but for travelers who want even more daring experiences, some cruises offer exciting active excursions. Options include kayaking or paddleboarding among ice floes, trekking across frozen landscapes and climbing icy mountains, and camping in the snow.

Key Things to Know for Antarctica Adventure Cruises

A distinct experience: Get to know Antarctica in a unique way, whether you’re drifting silently between icebergs in your kayak, listening to the ice creaking below your snug camping tent, or taking in the panoramic views from the top of a snowy peak that you’ve just traversed.
Push your limits: Few people can say they’ve explored Antarctica, and even fewer have challenged themselves to explore the White Continent via active excursions like these.
It’s always optional: If you decide on any given day that you would prefer a more relaxed excursion, you always have the option to skip that day’s adventure activity.

Premium Expedition Vessels

These vessels provide very comfortable surroundings and first-class service while maintaining the feel of a ship that is designed for expedition cruising.

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