• Antarctica Fly & Cruise A more compact option

  • Fly down to the Antarctic Peninsula

  • Explore one of the world's most pristine wilderness areas

  • Arouse your sense of discovery

Antarctica Fly & Cruise

A unique option for those with less time or who prefer to avoid the sometimes rough passage over the Drake Passage. Take a quick flight from Punta Arenas (Chile) and be in Antarctica in just a couple hours, flying over the Drake. Board your vessel in Antarctica and enjoy the highlights of an Antarctic cruise on a shortened schedule.

Key Things to Know for Antarctica Fly & Cruise Trips

Convenient: Reach the White Continent in just a few hours from Patagonia, skipping two days of sea travel through the Drake Passage. This is a good option for travelers with limited time to visit Antarctica, or for those who prefer to avoid long sea voyages. There are several boats that do Fly & Cruise programs; see below for vessels that offer this option.
Fly and then Cruise: Upon reaching Antarctica, board the ship that will serve as your floating hotel while you explore the wonders of the Antarctic Peninsula.
The Peninsula Experience: Explore the Antarctic Peninsula, searching for whales, penguins, seals and seabirds, and witness the dramatic scenery for which this region is famous, such as Paradise Bay and Deception Island.
A Shorter Trip: This is a good option for travelers who want to see Antarctica’s highlights in fewer days and who are concerned about seasickness.

Expedition Vessels

These are more utilitarian vessels that are built for expedition cruising and provide good service with comfortable but basic accommodations.

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