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Antarctic Peninsula Cruises

This is the most popular and classic of all Antarctica cruises. Typically 10 to 12 days in length, these programs allow you to have a full Antarctica experience in a relatively compact time frame. See below for ships that offer Antarctic Peninsula programs and please contact us to speak with one of our Antarctic specialists.

Key Things to Know for Antarctic Peninsula Trips:

The Classic Voyage: See the dramatic landscapes and wildlife for which Antarctica is famous. This is one of the most popular routes for Antarctic travel, and with good reason. The scenery and wildlife are tough to surpass in all of Antarctica.
Accessible: The Peninsula is relatively easy to reach from Patagonia (just under two days over the Drake Passage), and there are a variety of options for cruise lengths and ship styles.
Top Highlights: Deception Island, a place that lives up to its name: the frozen surface hides the geothermic heat of a volcano, creating steaming hot springs in the icy landscape. Paradise Bay, a mirror-like harbor filled with floating ice caps and home to Gentoo penguins and humpback whales. The Lemaire Channel, gateway to the far south Antarctic Peninsula: a spartan, icy wilderness that shelters Orca, humpback, and minke whales.
A variety of wildlife: This is an excellent area for spotting penguins, seals, whales, and sea birds.

Premium Expedition Vessels

These vessels provide very comfortable surroundings and first-class service while maintaining the feel of a ship that is designed for expedition cruising.

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