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INSTRUCTIONS: Thank you for confirming your trip with us. Every participant must submit a completed and digitally signed Booking Form to finalize the booking. We need this information as soon as possible in order to reconfirm your reservations. A parent or guardian must digitally sign the form for any travelers under 18 years of age. ("Digitally signing" simply means that you type in your name with the same effect as signing it.) You should have your passport information available when you sit down to fill out the form. All sections are required. If you have any questions about anything, please don't hesitate to ask.

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  • If there are any special events you will be celebrating (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.), special needs or requests you may have.

  • What your very top priorities for this trip are (whether it’s seeing a specific place, doing a certain activity, having a certain experience, seeing a specific wild animal, enjoying a certain type of cuisine, etc.).

  • If you have any other special interests (examples could include things like architecture, wildlife, walking, food, wine, contemporary art, crafts, etc.) that you would like us to take into account in finalizing your trip details and excursions.

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Help Support Local Communities and the Natural Environment in the Region You Are Visiting

We are often asked by our travelers how they can effectively assist the local people and help protect the natural environment in the areas where we run our trips. We believe the most effective way to help is by giving money to well established organizations that run efficient, successful programs dedicated to these ends. The following organizations fit those criteria and we encourage you to support them. Vaya Adventures can facilitate your direct contribution to these organizations by adding your contribution to your invoice. Making a contribution is an effective way to support local communities and preserve the natural environment of these areas. Vaya matches traveler contributions to these organizations.

GTCF (Galapagos Travelers Conservation Fund) - Recommended especially for Galapagos travelers, funds targeted grants to the Charles Darwin Foundation and other worthy environmental organizations working to protect the fragile environment of the islands. We will match all donations to this organization up to an annual total of $5,000; all contributions are tax deductible.

Donation per traveler:*

Promujer - Recommended for all travelers, highly respected organization providing microcredit to women to help them improve their lives; operations in several Latin American countries, including Peru, Argentina and Bolivia. We will match all donations to this organization up to an annual total of $5,000; all contributions are tax deductible.

Donation per traveler:*

Payment Information

PLEASE NOTE: Final payment on most trips is due 90 days prior to departure (some Galapagos cruises and other trips have earlier payment dates). Balances are payable by check or wire transfer.

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