Destination Specialist:
Gretchen Traut

Gretchen has been a global explorer with a passion for cultural immersion from an early age. Traveling regularly to Europe as a child to visit family and friends, Gretchen learned French at a young age and spent much time in France, Germany and southern Poland. She started her university studies in Lugano, Switzerland, just a short distance from Milan, where she pursued her academic interests in anthropology and art. Her thirst for language and culture led her to Spain, where she embarked on a year-long adventure split between Madrid and Cadiz in Andalucia, delving into the intricacies of Spanish linguistics and translation. Combining her love for travel and her regional expertise, Gretchen has dedicated years to crafting unparalleled travel experiences, specializing in regions like the Basque Country, Spain, Portugal, Puglia, Switzerland, the Dolomites, Iceland, Denmark, and much of South America.

Languages Spoken:
English (native), Spanish, Portuguese, French

Posts by Gretchen:

January 4th, 2022
Exploring the Heart of Argentina- Cordoba

Often times when travelers think of Argentina, they immediately think of tango in Buenos Aires, the epic Iguazu Falls in the northeast corner, and Patagonia in the South. However, in recent years, Cordoba has been moving up on the list with its beautiful nature, vibrant city life, gastronomy, and much more. Cordoba offers a perfect… Read Full Post

November 5th, 2021
Top 4 Hikes Starting at Machu Picchu

Many travelers to Machu Picchu love hiking but perhaps do not have the time (or the desire anymore to tent camp) to do the Inca Trail while visiting Peru. Hiking lovers, fear not! Here are four incredible hikes that you can do right from the Machu Picchu citadel that will surely bolster your experience of… Read Full Post

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