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Communications Manager:
Rachel Harris

Originally from the backwoods of Maine, Rachel spent three years in Mozambique with the Peace Corps, and has traveled extensively in South America. She lived for several months in Cusco, Peru and for several years in the metropolitan region of Santiago de Chile. In her spare time, Rachel can usually be found reading, outdoors, reading outdoors, strumming her ukulele, or paddleboarding with her husband and their dog.

Languages Spoken:
English (native), Spanish (fluent), Portuguese (conversational)

Recent Posts by Rachel:

May 16th, 2019
A Day on a Galapagos Cruise

Our travelers often ask what life is like on a Galapagos cruise. What excursions will be available, what is the schedule, and what can be expected? The exact answers to these questions will, of course, vary between ships and itineraries, but as a general rule, it goes something like this: Early morning (often at about… Read Full Post

June 6th, 2018
A Vaya Traveler’s Epic Poem

We love hearing about our travelers’ experiences! Vaya traveler Sharon Dardis, along with her husband and six of their friends, took a trip to Argentina and Chile earlier this year. Sharon was kind enough to share with us an epic poem that she wrote to document the experience, and to give us permission to share… Read Full Post

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