Carol Malsch, Teaneck, NJ

Galapagos, Peru, Chile & Easter Island
“Your attention to detail paid off; our trip was exceptional. My only regret is that your services are limited to South America… I would gladly recommend your services to friends.  Many thanks for everything.”

Drs. Anna & Mark Hertsberg, Chicago, IL

Argentina (including Patagonia & Tierra del Fuego)
“Thank you so much for an excellent experience.  Everything was very well organized and there were no glitches.  Thank you for making it possible for us.  Every hotel was superb.”

Ira Grushak, Jo Eisman and Family, Long Island, New York

Galapagos, Ecuador, and the Amazon Jungle
“Beyond our expectations.  The service was terrific.  We’ve never had such a stress free trip. We’re very pleased with your services, and have been telling all our patients and friends about you.”

Charles Harrison & Trudi Baggs, Orange County, CA

“The Guatemala Explorer was a fantastic adventure. The itinerary was perfectly composed and the contrast between the highlands and the Peten gave great variety and interest to the trip. The accommodations were magazine-cover quality and the private touring gave us unlimited opportunity to interact with the guides and local people. Overall, this trip was far beyond our expectations.”

Carolyn Corzine, Marblehead, MA (2nd trip with Vaya Adventures)

“We had a wonderful time!!!  Each of the pieces of our trip was better than the last.  As with our trip to Peru, Vaya provided just the right level of support on the ground, and excellent planning in advance of our trip.”

Firth Whitehouse and Susan Ferris, Minneapolis, MN

Peru & Bolivia
“Fabulous, this was a trip of a lifetime, especially for a mother-daughter trip.  Our activities were well-tailored to meet our needs, and were just the right degree of exertion to satisfy a 45 and 68 year-old pair.”

David and Barbara Vanicek, Paradise, CA

Chile, Patagonia & Tierra del Fuego
“Vaya did a great job in arranging our Chilean vacation.  Accommodations, connections, guides, transportation, and excursions were excellent.  Not a single problem in our 12 days in Chile and Argentina.  In terms of value (i.e. the travel experience in relation to the cost), this trip was top rate!”

Drs. Anna Burgansky and Edward Milman, New York, NY

Belize (Rainforest, Tikal, and Southern Coast)
“Excellent itinerary.  We liked the variety of activities included and found it a perfect mix for relaxing without getting bored.  Every transfer and trip was well coordinated.”

Elaine Schmerling & Family, Wilmington, DE

Galapagos, Amazon, and Ecuador Highlands & Haciendas
“Fabulous trip. Galapagos of course was a crowd pleaser, that was everyone’s favorite.  The Amazon was incredibly unique & educational, we are so glad we went there. The Andes were beautiful and completely different, a great experience too.”

Cynthia Jean, Richmond, CA

“We had a great experience.  Everything went smoothly and it was nice to feel like someone was looking out for us in each place we visited (e.g. by calling the hotel to let us know if a pick-up time changed).  The guides were all professional, personable, and well-informed.  It really enhanced our experience to have a local with us while we visited each city…. the [booking] process itself was quite easy and James Kinard was very helpful.  We appreciated his input and feel he did a great job in shaping our itinerary.  We got to do a lot of excursions but also had down-time in between. It was a great introduction to Argentina and we thank Vaya for it!”

Stephen Bierschenk & Stephen Mocio, Dallas, TX

Chile & Argentina, Patagonia
“We said many times during the trip that this was one of the best vacations we have taken in many years. The people were very friendly and welcoming and the local guides and drivers were all excellent. And we saw sights and experienced places that were truly unique. It was wonderful.  Nadia in Calafate and Veronica in Buenos Aires were both outstanding in their knowledge and enthusiasm for their areas. By the time we left, we felt that they were friends. This trip was one I had looked forward to taking for many years, and the information you sent before whetted my excitement and enthusiasm for the coming trip. It truly was a wonderful experience, and all along we appreciated the fact that you had “guided” us to such special places and experiences. I look forward to returning to this beautiful part of the world and will surely use your agency again for future adventures.”

Shyamli Saigal, New York, NY

“It was the best trip we have ever taken. We loved the accommodations, the overall organization of the trip, the trail, the food, the guides, everything was awesome!”

Chris Knight, Los Angeles, CA

Costa Rica
“It was a great trip from beginning to end.  Your suggestion of having our own driver was one of the key factors in making the trip such a success. Haram became part of the family and we were very sorry to part with him on our last day.  He took us to places we would have never known about and took all the stress out of getting from one place to another (other than the incredibly bad roads in places!).  I would recommend this to anyone who can afford what to me seemed like a relatively small extra cost for the additional enjoyment we got.  All the activities were great, having the personal guides in each of the nature preserves was also a huge help.  The hotels were all great, especially Tulemar which came complete with monkey’s playing on our roof the first morning.  We had great luck with the weather and with frequent animal sightings.  As you can probably tell, we all loved it and would go back again in a minute!”

Monte Boyer, Woodinville, Washington

“The trip was the best I have ever taken!  My daughter and I really enjoyed ourselves every day and our guide Chris Cuba was amazing.  He was knowledgeable, helpful, patient and kind. He was able to make the journey interesting for both a 40 year old and a 10 year old.”

Ginny Rodrigano, Austin, Texas

“Our vacation was wonderful… All of the guides were locals who were proud to share their Belize with us. It seemed they are as fascinated by their home as we were.”

Deb and Rick Saulsbury, Newport Beach, CA

Peru & Galapagos
“It was fascinating, exhausting, and wonderful! Vaya planned every last detail! We were so impressed with everything. All of our contacts in Peru and Ecuador were with us the whole way, everyone was on time, we never waited for anyone.  The drivers and guides were professional and great to work with.  I don’t think anyone could’ve planned a better trip!!”

Paul and Candace Rubin, Cherry Hill, NJ

“Absolutely fabulous!!!!  We can’t tell you how much we enjoyed this trip!  You have totally spoiled us.   Everything was wonderful.  The guides were personable and very knowledgeable.”

Denise and Loren Angelo, New York, NY

Galapagos and Peru
“A fantastic experience.  The trip exceeded our expectations on many levels – challenge, beauty, level of service, etc.  Both legs of our trip, hiking the Inca Trail, and then touring the Galapagos Islands, were truly unique in the type of travel experience we wanted and for the knowledge that was gained about these two special places.  You were so helpful with recommendations and organizing to the level of travel we ideally wanted.  Our guide on the Inca Trail portion of our trip was one of the best we’ve ever had for this type of trip.  Not only was he willing to speak with us constantly and answer our questions, but he was extremely knowledgeable about his country, Peru, as well as of the history of the Inca’s and Spanish takeover.  The pre-departure information was great and we really appreciated the historical summaries of the two regions. We appreciated the restaurant recommendations as well and the ones we tried were great.”

Xenia Searle, Grayslake, Illinois

Patagonia & Tierra del Fuego (Argentina)
“Our trip to Patagonia was a life experience.  Each day of the adventure got better and better until we were exhausted and ready to come home.  The people in Chile were wonderful and we felt very safe there.  The hotels in Chile were all excellent, with very comfortable beds and good plumbing.”

Darryl and Pamela Carver, Bellevue, Washington

Peru and Galapagos
“We spent one week in Peru; Lima, Cuzco, Sacred Valley and Macchu Pichu, and one week on a boat in the Galapagos Islands.  Having all the transfers (14 in two weeks), tours (private car with guide and driver), and hotels set up for us and having it all work smoothly made this an incredibly easy trip.  Private tours maximized our time, allowed a lot of flexibility and gave us a much more personal look at Peru than a group tour and cost very little more.  We are generally do-it-yourselfer’s and not high rollers but this trip was affordable and might change our mind about how to travel. All the guides were excellent.  Jim Lutz was extremely patient and put together a worry free trip with very short notice, worked around our airline schedule and pushed us when necessary to get the best experience and value from our trip.”

Jana Spes and Kelly Shiau, New Jersey

Guatemala and Belize
“Great trip – places where we stayed were superb, pick ups and guides were very reliable and on time; great selection of itineraries.”

Monk and Terry Kalemba, La Grande, OR

Peru & Bolivia
“The entire trip was well beyond our expectations.  All the guides and drivers were the best.  Terry and I want to thank you especially for arranging local tour companies that are sensitive to the local culture and history. Having indigenous drivers and guides added a very special emotional insight to the areas we visited.  Your suggestions and timing were perfect.  I especially enjoyed the smaller communities and fell in love with the local people and children.  We met a young Canadian girl in Oyantytambo who help start a foundation (mosqoy).  One of its goals is to help children from poor rural areas to continue their education in Cusco and return as professionals to their local communities.  The meeting was a chance encounter and one that will continue… Once again your planning for us could not have been better….Thanks again for a perfect trip.”

Kristen Dunn-Thomason, Falls Church, VA

Costa Rica
“It was a wonderful trip.  Everything worked out really nicely.  It was well put together, and the guide was fantastic, the hotels were great, and the country was beautiful.”

Kim Byham, Guttenberg, NJ

“I have never had such a marvelous, individualized tour. Scott missed his connection in Miami and was a day late and everything was beautifully taken care of with minimum of angst.”

Harp and Erik Reukers, Saint Lazare, Quebec

Galapagos Islands and Peru
“The trip was amazing. The combination of Peru with the Inca history and Galapagos Islands with the wildlife was a lifetime experience. We loved the mixture of history, culture, wildlife, and to meet the locals was great. Peru has its own magic and Machu Picchu was breathtaking, but it was also great to see all the other ruins that built a bigger picture of life for the Incas. Galapagos Islands was another world all its own. We were amazed how close we could get to the wildlife.”

Carol and John Dietz, Twinsburg, OH

“The entire trip was wonderful. Our entire family felt that it was the best trip we have ever taken.  The sights, the sounds, the food, the accommodations – everything was incredible.  We will definitely use your services in the future and will recommend Vaya Adventures to others thinking of traveling to Central America.”

Tracy Weiss, Solana Beach, CA

“Fabulous!  Jim planned a perfect trip.  Perfect amount of time spent in each location and flawless execution.  Everything went smoothly and we felt very well taken care of. We never have had a tour before (we always have planned our own trips) and it was very cool to be met at the airports and shepherded through.  Our guides were wonderful.  We would recommend Vaya without hesitation.  Thank you very much for a wonderful experience!”

Tom Sinnott & Family, Ellicott City, MD

Galapagos Islands
“The Galapagos trip exceeded expectations!  The cruise service and accommodations were excellent.  The snorkeling and land excursions were fantastic!  We would go back in a heartbeat.”

Jesse Satterwhite, Raleigh, NC

“Elaine and I had the time of our life. The accommodations and the food were beyond our expectations. As I requested, all of our excursions were privately guided. We were able to do exactly what we wanted to do, spend as long or as little time doing whatever we personally enjoyed. All of the guides were extremely knowledgeable and friendly. I don’t think that we would change a thing, in fact we would like to return soon. Thanks for helping make our 25th Anniversary one of our most memorable experiences ever.”

Andy Waite, Houston, TX

Galapagos Islands
“We had a fantastic time and the trip worked out well for my two children (ages 8 and 13) as well as my 69 year old mother. The Legend was a good choice of vessel for our party and the Galapagos experience was wonderful.”

Nancy Boe, West Concord, MN

Guatemala and Belize
“This was the best trip we have ever taken.  Everything went perfectly.  We have been asked several times if we would go back, and our response has been an enthusiastic yes! All of our accommodations were great, the drivers and tour guides were so friendly and helpful, it made the entire trip effortless for us.  Thank you for a wonderful experience!!”

Mark Schatz & Family, Novato, CA

Peru & Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
“Amazing!  We had an incredible time, and all agreed that this is the way to do it, with the arrangements handled in advance and private tours rather than in a large group. We really appreciated all of the effort you put in to making it such a successful vacation.”

Jean and Dennis Hendrickson, Chapel Hill, NC

Peru & the Galapagos Islands
“Our trip was wonderful.  The best part about it is we were on our own with the benefit of having guides and transportation ready for us at all times. It totally took the “hassle” out of traveling abroad so you could have more time actually enjoying your trip.  Since returning home I have recommended Vaya Adventures to many friends and will definitely use them again for another Latin American vacation!”

Iain Campbell & Family

“Outstanding vacation – loved Cusco and the highlands. What made it was the personal guides and the activities, especially the biking and the hike to Machu Picchu. Hiking from KM104 up to the Sun Gate and viewing Machu Picchu for the first time took our breath away. A truly memorable experience.”

Ann Newberry, Boston, MA

Galapagos Islands and Ecuador
“It was a fantastic time with all details well taken care of!  The guides were top notch as were the drivers.  We could not have asked for a better adventure and we have been singing your praises to our friends who have asked about the trip.”

Jeff Johnson, Goshen, CT

Argentina, Brazil, Chile & Peru
“This was a fantastic trip. It was brilliantly planned and executed. One of our very best trips ever.”

Susan Braatz, Rome, Italy

Galapagos Islands
“The trip was spectacular. The Galapagos is an unforgettable destination. Vaya’s role in getting us there could not have been better fulfilled — timely communications, friendly interactions and excellent materials on the trip itself.”

Edward Walters, Naples, FL

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador & Peru
“Fantastic! The coordination was incredible. Every detail was looked after. Flights were well organized with adequate time for connections. It was so reassuring to be met in a timely manner by welcoming guides at every stop.”

Alan Schorr, Cherry Hill, NJ

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador & Peru
“The trip was expertly planned and perfectly executed. Thank you for a first class adventure!”

Leslie Dennis, San Carlos, CA

Argentina, Chile & Ecuador
“All guides were super and very knowledgeable about their cities and areas.”

Patricia Smith, Washington, DC

“Excellent on every level. Great care given.”

Marta Phillips, Darien, CT

“It was a flawless trip and one our family will remember and treasure forever.”

Barbara and Neil Bruce, Woodland Park, CO

Peru & Ecuador
“The hotels were beyond our expectations. Each day we stayed at a more exquisite hotel than the day before.”

James Lane, Los Angeles, CA

Ecuador and Galapagos Islands
“We had a fantastic time, in no small part because Vaya Adventures took care of everything. The drivers and guides were kind, conscientious, knowledgeable and most of all, flexible in taking care of our needs. You can count on booking us if we are looking to head south again.”

Maurice Strul and Marcie Gerson, Pittsburgh, PA

Argentina & Chile
“Our trip was virtually flawless and we thoroughly enjoyed every part of it. All of the local guides were very attentive, accommodating and very knowledgeable.”