• Ten Reasons to Travel with Vaya

10 Reasons To Travel With Vaya


We’ve lived there! All of the staff at Vaya have deep local connections, not gained from just a few trips, but from living and working in our destinations, putting down roots. You benefit directly from our intimate knowledge of our destinations and unparalleled depth of experience as we thoughtfully apply it to each and every itinerary. Find out more about Vaya’s team of specialists here.


We advocate for you and put your interests first. Many companies will propose itineraries that include hotels and lodges where they get the best rates or where they know they can easily find space. We prioritize your interests, look for the properties that are the best fit and where you’ll have the best experience, and will do everything we can to get you into places that are “sold out.” Check our full list of boutique accommodations and lodges just to see the kind of customization we can do.


Reviews that are second to none. Check us out on Trust Pilot, Google Reviews, Yelp, BBB or more, and see why our travelers rate us 5 stars. Over 98% of our travelers would recommend us to a friend or travel with us again. Why not find out for yourself why?


Top Private Guides: We are uncompromising when it comes to the quality of our guides in all of our destinations. Our partners know Vaya has a reputation for top guides and exacting standards, and you’ll be amazed at the friends you’ll make, the insight you’ll gain, and the quality of the experience you’ll have by exploring in the company of our guides. We have also spearheaded and organized innovative guide training programs, consistent with our emphasis on having top quality guiding on all of our trips.  Click here to check out what some of our past clients have said about our guides.


Leaders in Responsible Travel: We support and fund conservation and community projects in the areas we operate trips and put our money where our mouth is. Vaya’s owner is the president of the International Galapagos Tour Association, an organization of 40 tour companies that raises funds for conservation efforts and fights to protect the Galapagos Islands from unsustainable tourism practices. We were instrumental in tripling the funds raised by the Galapagos Traveler Conservation Fund to support worthy conservation and community projects.


The Best Food: By knowing our destinations intimately we will direct you to the best local restaurants so you can taste the authenticity of our destinations. We know finding the right spots to eat is one of the things that can separate the good trips from the truly great trips.


Boutique style travel: We avoid the big chain hotels, big tour buses, big cruise ships, crowded tourist markets, and generally anything mass tourism or excessively commercialized. Our guides know how to get you to see the best places at the least crowded times, our hotels and lodges reflect the best of local culture, and we view each trip as an opportunity to get creative, to think hard about what would make the trip truly special and unique. You’ll see this reflected in things large and small along the way in your travels.


Total peace of mind: You’ll have 24/7 contact information all along the way while traveling, and our local friends and partners will be there for you every step of the way for anything you need. You have the security of booking with a US based company that is fully registered and insured.


Walking the walk when it comes to sustainable travel and giving back: We are active in giving back to the destinations where we run trips, and over the years have raised and contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to worthy local causes in our destinations. By using smaller boutique properties and lodges and local well paid guides, we ensure that we add positively to the destinations we serve.


Quality/Value guarantee: We offer a very high level of service, and know that value is fundamental to any trip decision. We guarantee that you won’t find a trip of similar quality and services for a better price. If you do, just let us know within 30 days of booking with us and we’ll refund the difference to you. You can rest assured that the quality and value of your trip are unsurpassed!

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