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Uruguay Accommodations

Cala di Volpe

Its location alone makes Cala di Volpe an ideal Montevideo lodging choice. The hotel sits along the Rambla, and guests in every room enjoy views of the Rio de la Plata.

Posada del Faro

This Mediterranean-style boutique hotel overlooks the beach in the fashionable Uruguayan village of Jose Ignacio. Just 20 miles from the high rises of Punta del Este, Posada del Faro offers an intimate retreat in peaceful surroundings.

Casa Suaya

Just 20 miles outside of Punta del Este, Jose Ignacio presents a blend of chic bohemian culture with sleepy beach town architecture.

Four Seasons Carmelo

Nestled in a pine and eucalyptus forest on the shore of Uruguay’s Rio de la Plata, the Four Seasons Carmelo features 20 bungalows and 24 luxury suites, all with private terraces.