Annie Merkley

Annie grew up traveling and has lived and worked on every continent, including Antarctica. She is originally from the USA and currently lives in Santiago, Chile. With a background in creative writing and journalism, Annie also has a long history of working in hospitality, customer service, and education, and providing top-notch service is always a driving force in her professional journey. As a freelance journalist over the past decade, she has had a focus on the best of what humanity has to offer: food and drink, culture, social impact, activism, and education. She is a certified Chilean wine expert and enjoys expanding her knowledge of wine culture in her free time. Annie is also a singer-songwriter and has taken the stage across the globe with her banjo in hand.

Languages Spoken:
English (native), Spanish (fluent)

Posts by Annie:

September 4th, 2023
The Sensation of Tasting the Top Pastry Chef in the World’s Confections at Nuema in Quito

Have you ever closed your eyes while chewing to fully immerse yourself in flavor? Have you spent hours watching documentaries with sultry slow-mo shots of top chef’s creations? Has food ever made you laugh, cry, or shout out in sheer delight? If you answered yes to any of these questions, and you are planning a… Read Full Post

April 11th, 2023
Cartagena, Colombia: Crown Jewel of the Caribbean

This beguiling city has a way of getting under your skin and beckoning you to return again and again. Cartagena has cast such a spell on me that even as I am just now unpacking my bags from my second visit, I am left yearning to return. Like a book you want to re-read with… Read Full Post

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