• Hike The Camino dos Faros

  • Hike The Camino dos Faros

  • Hike The Camino dos Faros

  • Hike The Camino dos Faros

Explore the rugged, breathtaking landscapes of the Galician coast while discovering the lesser known Camino and savoring the region's best food and wine!

Days: 7 | From: $5,315/per person

  • Accommodations at best in class boutique hotels and hand-selected, traditional Paradores
  • Curated tours with superb private guides. You’ll have an instant local friend with insider access!
  • Discover the hidden gem that is Spain's rugged and breathtaking Galician coastline while savoring culinary delights

Hike the enchanting Camino dos Faros, or the Lighthouse Way, and savor incredible Galician dishes, sip refreshing coastal white wines, and retreat to cozy and stunning accommodations in the evenings. This breathtaking coastal trail winds its way along the rugged coastline of the Costa da Morte, offering hikers a unique and immersive experience. Stretching approximately 200 kilometers, this lesser-known pilgrimage route takes adventurers through picturesque fishing villages, pristine beaches, and dramatic cliffs, all while providing awe-inspiring views of the Atlantic Ocean. The trail is characterized by its diverse landscapes, ranging from lush forests and serene estuaries to windswept dunes and imposing lighthouses that stand as stoic guardians along the route. This trek ends at the magical Finisterre. Steeped in history and mythology, Finisterre has long been considered a symbolic endpoint for pilgrims on the traditional Camino de Santiago, who often continue their journey to witness the sun setting over the vast Atlantic Ocean. Unlike the more famous Camino de Santiago, the Camino dos Faros is a hidden gem, allowing travelers to escape the crowds and discover the untamed beauty of Galicia's coastal treasures.

NOTE: This trek can easily be adjusted to fit various trekking abilities. Swap out some of the more challenging days for a tour of Santiago de Compostela, a day at the beach, or an Albariño wine tasting day

This trek can be offered for 2-8 people. "From" Pricing reflects a group base of 4 travelers.

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At a glance

  • Muxia
    6 nights: Hike along the Camino dos Faros each day and come back to your home base in Muxia each night

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Sample itinerary

Day 1:

Arrival in Galicia

Lighthouse in the in Muxia Coast, Galicia, Northern Spain. This is one of the last stages in the jacobean route along with the visit to the cape of the Finisterre.

Welcome to Galicia, where your Camino adventure begins! Upon arrival in Vigo, Santiago de Compostela, or A Coruña, you will be met and transferred to the sea-side village of Muxia. Here, you will be welcomed to the stunning local Parador, your accommodations for the next six nights. Spanish Paradores are unique accommodations, often housed in a historic buildings such as castles, monasteries, or palaces, offering guests an unforgettable blend of cultural heritage, exquisite architecture, and modern comforts. The Parador Costa da Morte in Muxia, a recent addition to the prestigious Paradores Network, is a marvel nestled into the Galician landscape, designed to harmonize with the verdant surroundings. Enjoy a delicious welcome dinner of traditional Galician specialties and settle in for the night in preparation for the start of your adventure in the morning.

Accommodations: Parador Costa da Morte, 6 nights

Perched on a hillside and seamlessly integrated into the lush Galician scenery, the Parador de Costa da Morte stands as a recent addition to the prestigious Paradores Network. Serving as a splendid vantage point overlooking Lourido Beach and situated a short distance from Cape Fisterre, this architectural gem harmoniously extends the allure of its extraordinary surroundings. Embodying the organic shapes inherent to the Costa da Morte, each room is meticulously crafted with timeless and inviting designs that evoke a sense of tranquility and well-being. Revel in the breathtaking sea views, as the Parador immerses you in an atmosphere of serenity and beauty, offering a magnificent vista onto the edge of the world.

*Includes: Breakfast

Day 2:

Laxe to Arou

Conger eel dryer in Muxia, Galicia, Spain. This traditional way of processing the fish is still maintained by the existing demand in the eastern regions of Spain.

Embark on your Camino journey today, starting with the shortest and easiest leg. Explore Monte da Insua and the Laxe Lighthouse, ascend to the Peñón de Soesto to admire its stunning beach, and progress towards Praia de Traba with its vibrant lagoon teeming with natural wonders. Conclude the day navigating through a breathtaking rocky stretch to reach Camelle, where a visit to the Museum of Man awaits before continuing to Arou. At day’s end, you’ll be chauffeured back to Muxia for a delightful dinner at a local restaurant.

(Hiking distance: about 11 miles)

Accommodations: Parador Costa da Morte, 6 nights

*Includes: Breakfast

Day 3:

Arou to Camariñas

Costa da Morte beach on the Atlantic Ocean on a summer day with calm sea. This region of northern Spain is known for its unspoiled coastline and surfing waves.

Traverse the heart of O Camiño dos Faros and A Costa da Morte, exploring its rugged coastline in its entirety, pausing at each juncture to marvel at the untouched beauty of its landscapes. Starting from the quaint Porto de Santa Mariña, venture to Praia de Trece and the English Cemetery before reaching the Vilán Lighthouse. The concluding segment meanders through the entire Arco do Vilán, culminating in Camariñas. After the day’s excursion, return back to your cozy accommodations.

(Hiking distance: about 14 miles)

Accommodations: Parador Costa da Morte, 6 nights

*Includes: Breakfast

Day 4:

Camariñas to Muxía

It is often used to store corn , potatoes and cereal. Horreos save the food from the humidity and the attack of the mice.

Today’s journey leads from Camariñas to Muxía. Though the longest leg of the Camino dos Faros, it follows completely flat terrain, allowing you to unwind and savor the breathtaking views. Traverse the entirety of Ría de Camariñas, revealing gentler landscapes and charming villages that provide a fresh perspective on the route. The latter part of the journey unfolds along tranquil sandy beaches of the Rio Grande and the enchanting Praia do Lago, bringing us closer to Muxía. Upon reaching Muxía, a visit to the Barca Sanctuary awaits after ascending Corpiño Hill. At the end of the day’s adventure, transfer back to your hotel for a wonderful dinner and a well-deserved rest.

(Hiking distance: about 20 miles)

Accommodations: Parador Costa da Morte, 6 nights

*Includes: Breakfast

Day 5:

Muxía to Nemiña

Nemiña beach, in Atlantic Galician Coast, Spain.

Explore the coastal stretch from Muxía to the Touriñán Lighthouse. Today’s initial segment is the most challenging terrain along the trail. Begin the day at a slow and easy pace from Muxía to the tranquil Praia de Moreira beach. From there, the journey becomes gentler, leading to the Touriñán Lighthouse, marking the westernmost point of the Iberian Peninsula. Take the opportunity to discover Nemiña Beach; a excellent way to cap off an exhilarating day!

(Hiking distance: about 15 miles)

Accommodations: Parador Costa da Morte, 6 nights

*Includes: Breakfast

Day 6:

Nemiña to Cape Finisterre

Finisterre Cape Lighthouse, Costa da Morte, Galicia, Spain. One of the most famous Lighthouse in Western Europe. Last stage in the Camino de Santiago.

The final section of the Camino dos Faros is an absolute must experience- showcasing unparalleled natural diversity along the entirety of the trail. From Nemiña to Fisterre, a captivating succession of cliffs and beaches continuously unfolds, each one emerging with irresistible allure. Amidst this scenic journey, encounter intriguing sites and stories such as that of the Cason and the unexcavated maritime fortress of Castromiñán. Although challenging at times, the culmination of this remarkable adventure rewards hikers with an awe-inspiring final destination: the Fisterre Lighthouse. As the day’s journey concludes, return to your hotel and enjoy a farewell dinner with local tasting menu and wine pairings.

(Hiking distance: about 16 miles)

Accommodations: Parador Costa da Morte, 6 nights

*Includes: Breakfast

Day 7:


Sunset in Finisterre Cape. Final Step in the Camino de Santiago. Costa da Morte. Galicia. Spain

Say good-bye to the stunning and wild Galician coast. After breakfast, transfer to Santiago de Compostela, Vigo or A Coruña for your flight home or on to your next destination.

*Includes: Breakfast

Popular Ways to Customize This Itinerary

  • Replenish after hiking by adding time in the Basque Region for exquisite food and wine.

  • Customize your itinerary to add time in Galicia to discover the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, taste the local albariño wine in Rias Baixas, or savor some downtime at the beach.

  • Add a few days in one of the gateway-cities to Galicia: Porto, Portugal or Madrid, Spain, to explore art, history and culture in these marvelous cities.

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