• Sicily & Puglia: Culture and Culinary Adventure

  • Sicily & Puglia: Culture and Culinary Adventure

  • Sicily & Puglia: Culture and Culinary Adventure

  • Sicily & Puglia: Culture and Culinary Adventure

An Odyssey for the Senses in Southern Italy

Days: 11 | From: $7,745/per person

  • Accommodations at best-in-class boutique hotels
  • Curated tours with superb private guides. You’ll have an instant local friend with insider access!
  • Discover ancient wonders between Greek temples and villages lost in time
  • Savor southern Italy’s culinary delights with regional wines along the way

Embark on a captivating cultural and culinary journey through the sun-kissed regions of Sicily and Puglia, where history, tradition, and flavor harmoniously blend. Venture to the vibrant island of Sicily, where the aroma of citrus orchards and Mediterranean herbs fills the air. Explore ancient Greek temples, stroll through bustling markets, and savor the rich and diverse Sicilian cuisine, from arancini to cannoli. In Puglia, you'll wander through charming, whitewashed villages, explore ancient olive groves, and discover the allure of the trulli houses. Savor the region's iconic orecchiette pasta, drizzled with locally pressed olive oil, and indulge in the freshest seafood along the Adriatic coast. This tour promises a sensory feast, celebrating the cultural treasures and gastronomic delights of two of Italy's most captivating regions.

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At a glance

  • Palermo
    2 nights: Discover Palermo through street food and awe-inspiring sites
  • Agrigento
    3 nights: Explore mythological villages, Greek temples, and the Sicilian countryside
  • Central Puglia
    5 nights: Pedal through olive groves, enjoy burrata and bread making, discover sea caves, and the towns of Matera and Ostuni

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Sample itinerary

Day 1:


Palermo, Italy. Sunset with Norman Cathedral, travel in Sicily.

Welcome to Sicily, the largest region in Italy. Dominations, languages, traditions, and millenary cultures have followed one another, creating an extraordinary cultural mix with a deep-rooted identity. Upon arrival in Palermo, you will be met at the airport and transferred to your hotel, where you will have the chance to rest, in preparation for the next incredible days to come!

Accommodations: Palazzo Natoli, 2 nights

Palazzo Natoli is a modern and elegant boutique hotel consisting of 12 rooms located, with the exception of the Garden Apartment, the Family room and the Comfort room, in the main building of the hotel. These cozy accommodations represent the soul and style of Palazzo Natoli, which, with its location close to Palermo Cathedral and the Quattro Canti, is the perfect destination for discovering the city and enjoying a charming holiday in a luxury hotel.

*Includes: Breakfast

Upgrades and alternatives: Palazzo Sovrana, Villa Igiea, Grand Hotel et des Palmes, AND OTHERS.
Day 2:

Palermo and Monreale with Street Food Tasting

Traditional and famous Sicilian cannoli, cream horns, with fresh cream and cedro.

Discover the best of Palermo! “He who has once seen the Palermo sky can never forget it again,” so Goethe once wrote. Your journey begins as your expert guide takes you through Palermo’s enchanting downtown. From Baroque architecture to bustling markets, including the Arab-Norman quarter and the Duomo, you’ll experience the capital of Sicily’s diverse wonders. A visit to the famous Capo market introduces you to Palermo’s renowned street food and vibrant atmosphere. Your adventure continues with a trip to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Cathedral of Monreale, renowned for its stunning Byzantine mosaics. The adjacent cloister, a Romanesque masterpiece, completes this unforgettable artistic and cultural tour.

Accommodations: Palazzo Natoli, 2 nights

*Includes: Breakfast

Day 3:

Mythology, Salt Pans, and Culinary Delights

Saline dello Stagnone and the reflection of the wind mill at sunrise, Marsala, Trapani province, Italy, Europe

Visit Sgesta and Erice along with the Salt Pans of Marsala. Prepare for a captivating journey through Sicily’s countryside, starting with the ancient ruins of Segesta, where Greek history and nature converge. Venture to the mountaintop medieval town of Erice, steeped in mythology and culinary delights. Here, explore the birthplace of Venus and savor treats from Maria Grammatico’s bakery. Finally, visit the stunning ancient salt pans of Marsala, now vibrant natural reserves filled with diverse wildlife and picturesque windmills. Conclude your day of adventure by transferring to your next destination, Agrigento.

Accommodations: Bio Resort Fontes Episcopi, 3 nights

Nestled amidst the picturesque Sicilian countryside, Bio Resort Fontes Episcopi is a tranquil oasis that offers a perfect escape for those seeking harmony with nature. This eco-friendly resort harmoniously blends modern comforts with sustainability, featuring thoughtfully designed accommodations surrounded by lush organic gardens and olive groves. Guests can indulge in farm-to-table dining experiences, where locally sourced, organic ingredients shine in Sicilian culinary delights. The resort also boasts a spa for relaxation and rejuvenation, as well as outdoor activities like hiking and cycling to explore the serene beauty of the surroundings. Bio Resort Fontes Episcopi is a haven for eco-conscious travelers looking to unwind, recharge, and connect with the pristine landscapes of Sicily.

*Includes: Breakfast

Upgrades and alternatives: Villa Athena, AND OTHERS.
Day 4:

Valley of the Temples and Picnic Lunch in the Garden of Diodoros

Antique greek temple of Concordia in the Valley of Temples, Agrigento, Sicily, Italy, on sunset

Discover the Valley of the Temples. Today is a momentous day as your private guide introduces you to the remarkable treasures in this awe-inspiring valley, home to some of the world’s best-preserved Greek temples. This UNESCO World Heritage Site boasts an incredible archaeological park, including iconic temples like Juno, Concordia, and Hercules, all standing proudly for over 2,500 years. The awe-inspiring grandeur of these ancient structures transcends time and history. During your visit, enjoy an exclusive picnic in the Diodoros Garden, a tranquil citrus grove dating back to 1740. Indulge in local, organic, recipes from “nonna” (grandma) amidst the serene beauty of this natural haven within the Valley of the Temples, a breath of pure, authentic freshness.

Accommodations: Bio Resort Fontes Episcopi, 3 nights

*Includes: Breakfast

Day 5:

Experience Sicilian Country Life

Sicilian Landscape

Immerse yourself in the authentic essence of Sicily, one of Italy’s most traditional and distinctive regions. Explore the Sicani Mountains, nestled in central-southern Sicily, with a knowledgeable nature guide. Discover the serene Val di Kam, where time moves at a leisurely pace, and experience genuine encounters with locals while strolling through charming village streets. Savor local cheeses, “pani cunzatu,” almond cookies, honey, wines, olive oil, and more seasonal artisanal delights. A family-prepared lunch featuring traditional dishes completes this immersive, sensory-rich experience that brings you closer to the heart of Sicilian culture.

Accommodations: Bio Resort Fontes Episcopi, 3 nights

*Includes: Breakfast

Day 6:

Travel to Puglia

Fresh orecchiette or orecchietta, made with durum wheat and water, drying on a wooden board on a bike with red chili and garlic, handmade pasta typical of Puglia or Apulia, a region of Southern Italy

Bid farewell to Sicily and fly to Puglia, the base for the next chapter of your southern Italy adventure. Upon your arrival, transfer to your hotel, where you can unwind and prepare for the exciting experiences ahead. This evening, delight in a traditional Apulian dinner to immerse yourself in the local flavors and traditions.

Accommodations: Leonardo Trulli Resort, 5 nights

Leonardo Trulli Resort in Puglia is a charming oasis nestled in the heart of the picturesque Italian countryside. This unique resort offers a blend of tradition and modern comfort, with its meticulously restored Trulli, traditional Apulian stone huts, providing a cozy and authentic stay. Guests can unwind in these distinctive accommodations, complete with all the essential amenities for a comfortable stay. The resort's serene surroundings and lush gardens offer a tranquil retreat, perfect for relaxation. With its convenient location in Puglia, guests can explore the region's rich history, indulge in local cuisine, or simply bask in the sun by the pool. Leonardo Trulli Resort promises a memorable escape that combines tradition, luxury, and the beauty of Puglia's countryside.

*Includes: Breakfast

Upgrades and alternatives: Palazzo BN, Masseria Cervarolo, Don Ferrante, Masseria Montenapoleone, Palazzo Maresgallo, Borgobianco Resort & Spa, Masseria Torre Coccaro, AND OTHERS.
Day 7:

Biking & Burrata in Trullo Country

Alberobello, Puglia, Italy

Head out on two wheels to explore the Itria Valley, home to some of Puglia’s oldest and most charming “trullo” countryside. A fully-equipped support vehicle is always available for assistance or a rest. Begin with a transfer to Alberobello, a UNESCO World Heritage Site famed for its fairytale-like trulli houses. After a 7km (4.3 mi) ride, explore a local farm for an insider’s glimpse of burrata cheese-making, where you can sample the freshest cheese. Continue to Locorotondo, known as the “città del vino” for its excellent sparkling wine. Stroll through its charming alleyways adorned with geraniums and citrus plants. Your journey then takes you to Martina Franca, a must-visit town with a well-preserved historic center, splendid Baroque architecture, and breathtaking hillside panoramas over the Itria Valley.

Accommodations: Leonardo Trulli Resort, 5 nights

*Includes: Breakfast

Day 8:

Ostuni & Olive Oil

Ostuni city in sunset. White town of Puglia region, South Italy.

Today, delve into one of Puglia’s treasures: olive oil. Visit a renowned Masseria where the ancient olive mill, in use since the Bronze Age, offers a fascinating glimpse into olive oil production. Stroll the estate’s beautiful grounds and savor an unforgettable olive oil tasting. Next, journey to Ostuni, the “white city,” a striking citadel overlooking olive plains and the Adriatic. Explore the winding streets of the oldest quarter, known as the “Casbah,” with an in-depth walking tour led by your expert local guide, uncovering hidden town treasures before returning to your hotel.

Accommodations: Leonardo Trulli Resort, 5 nights

*Includes: Breakfast

Day 9:

Foccacia and Matera

Matera, Italy as seen from within an ancient cave at dusk.

Visit a DOP bread producer in Altamura to discover the secrets of traditional regional breadmaking. After a tasting of renowned Altamura bread and delectable focaccia, head to Matera, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Basilicata Region, just beyond Puglia’s border. This unique city, boasts ancient cave dwellings now repurposed as homes, shops, and restaurants. Your expert guide will lead you on a walking tour, followed by a delicious regional cuisine lunch before bidding farewell to this captivating place.

Accommodations: Leonardo Trulli Resort, 5 nights

*Includes: Breakfast

Day 10:

Sea Caves & Artisanal Gelato in Polignano a Mare

An aerial view of a sunset sky over the skyline of Polignano a Mare, Puglia, Italy

Discover Polignano a Mare, a captivating cliff-top town often referred to as the ‘Amalfi of Puglia.’ Enjoy breathtaking views and board a modern skiff at the port to explore the hidden sea caves beneath the town, where centuries of smugglers once roamed. After your cave adventure, take a leisurely stroll through town and savor the famous artisanal gelato it has to offer.

Accommodations: Leonardo Trulli Resort, 5 nights

*Includes: Breakfast

Days 11:


Polignano a Mare, Italy. Idyllic coastline of Adriatic Sea, Cala Paura gulf Puglia scenic view.

Your driver will meet you at your hotel and transfer you to the airport for your departure flight home.

*Includes: Breakfast

Popular Ways to Customize This Itinerary

  • Add a few days to explore the eastern side of Sicily: discover the quaint sea-side village of Taormina, hike or drive by Jeep up Mount Etna and savor unique volcanic wines from the region, wander through the famous fish market of Catania, or take a Sicilian cooking class with a local chef.

  • Embark on a private boat tour to small islands and inlets along the Apulian coast.

  • Add time to explore the Aeolian Islands off the northern coast of Sicily.

  • Contact us to learn about more options for designing and customizing your trip.

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