Argentine Polo Day – A Buenos Aires must!

Posted by on February 12th, 2016


Learning the basics

On a recent trip to Buenos Aires I had the amazing experience of going to a local estancia just outside the city to enjoy a full day polo excursion.

Given my limited ability with horses (I had only ever done very basic horseback riding excursions in the past), I wasn’t expecting much. However, given the beauty of the estancia, I figured I would enjoy myself even if I never got on a horse. That said, once I was there, Julio, the instructor, started teaching me the basics of horse riding before even going into what I would learn about polo. I was put at ease by the knowledge, experience, and relaxed atmosphere of Julio and everyone else at the estancia. After he taught me a bit about riding, he handed me the polo stick and taught me three of the basic polo swings. Before I knew it, we were in the polo field practicing!

The morning is spent working on practicing your swings. You spend a lot of time perfecting your swing and practicing making goals. The instructor is always nearby and helping you as much as you need. After your swings are perfected you get off the horse and have an Argentine meal at the estancia. The afternoon involves getting back on the horse and playing a small match (with relaxed rules of course)!

What can I say about this excursion? It is a GREAT option in Buenos Aires. If you love horses, you will enjoy the instruction and history that goes along with this estancia. If you or your significant other isn’t so interested in playing polo, there are always the beautiful gardens and the swimming pool that you can relax in while enjoying a nice Malbec in the Argentine countryside!

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