Luxury River Cruises in Northern Peru

Posted by on November 11th, 2019

An Amazon River cruise in northern Peru is a great way to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Amazon jungle without forgoing the comforts of a luxury accommodation. During a recent trip to Peru, I embarked on a luxury Amazon River cruise out of Iquitos.  The cruise traveled through the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve,… Read Full Post

Curanto Al Hoyo (Recipe): Chiloe’s Signature Dish

Posted by on September 9th, 2019

The curanto is a traditional form of food preparation in the island of Chiloe, a true Chilote classic. Its name derives from the hot rocks used in its preparation, in which a variety of meats, shellfish, and potatoes are cooked over heated stones in an earthen pit. First the rocks are laid down, then the… Read Full Post

The World Has Two Navels

Posted by on August 29th, 2019

Easter Island, Isla de Pasqua, Rapa Nui, or the original native name: Te Pito o Te Henua, The Navel of the World… so if you thought Cusco was the Navel of the World, now you know… the world has two navels. Rapa Nui, better known in the English-speaking world as Easter Island, has to be… Read Full Post

Spotlight on Peruvian Guide Extraordinaire, Wilfredo Huillca

Posted by on August 19th, 2019

One of the top reasons to travel with Vaya is the quality of our local guides. We’ve worked with our local partners for years, and we’ve established relationships with the best private guides in South America. When you travel with a Vaya guide, you’re not on tour – you’re traveling with a fun, knowledgeable friend… Read Full Post

Swimming with a Sea Creature Like No Other

Posted by on August 9th, 2019

Submerged a few feet below the surface of the Pacific, I spot a curious creature chomping something on the ocean floor.  The rest of our group is swimming in the other direction, dangling their GoPros toward a darting Galapagos penguin, but I decide to drift down solo toward the dark figure lurking below. The face… Read Full Post

Trekking Perito Moreno: A Day at Los Glaciares National Park

Posted by on July 30th, 2019

One of my most memorable travel experiences in Patagonia was trekking across Argentina’s Perito Moreno Glacier, a 97 square mile formation that is part of the enormous Southern Patagonian Ice Field. Once I arrived at the pier, the excursion started with a boat ride on Lago Argentino to the face of the Perito Moreno glacier…. Read Full Post

Bariloche’s Enchanted Valley

Posted by on July 18th, 2019

For those who have heard of Bariloche, the name typically evokes images of blues and greens: sparkling lakes, immense forests, and tree-covered mountains. While this gorgeous scenery is rightfully a key attraction of the Lakes District region, there’s a less-visited side of Bariloche that also deserves recognition: The Enchanted Valley. This is where, 38 miles… Read Full Post

Dispatch from the Sacred Valley

Posted by on July 8th, 2019

“All of this will be an airport someday,” explained Vetor, our Quechua guide, motioning out to the fields beyond the Inca terraces and quaint Andean town of Chinchero. “How soon is someday?” I asked. “They say 2024.” “Hopefully it will take longer.”  I’m all for efficiency and progress down here, but this valley is considered… Read Full Post

Brazil drops visa requirements

Posted by on June 17th, 2019

As of June 17, passport-holders from the United States, Canada, Australia, and Japan no longer need a visa to visit Brazil, joining already visa-free travelers from Europe and Latin America. Travelers can visit Brazil for up to 90 days with no visa, with the possibility of extending that up to 180 days. In the past,… Read Full Post

Andes to the Amazon: a Journey That is All About the Journey

Posted by on June 6th, 2019

I really enjoy looking back at different trips I’ve planned for Vaya travelers. It’s amazing to see how some destinations have changed over the years, while others have remained largely untouched. For me, an incredible way to experience a place that has had minimal outside influence is on an overland trip to the Amazon. This… Read Full Post