Ski Day at Valle Nevado

Posted by on November 28th, 2014

Valle Nevado

Valle Nevado

Although the past few winters have been a bit shaky with low accumulations of snowfall in the mountains surrounding Santiago, Chile, the Andes Mountains generally boast some great ski seasons. This past winter I was able to head up to Valle Nevado Ski resort (less than an hour drive from Santiago) on two separate occasions.

Valle Nevado, meaning Snow Valley in Spanish, is just that, a very high altitude valley that is full of snow! On one of the days in September, the snow was bountiful and the conditions pristine. Valle Nevado has some great runs and a great high altitude area called Tres Puntas where you can feel completely disconnected and lost in the Andes (access to this area is only by a tow-bar). A visit there is definitely recommended. Keep in mind that the access road to Valle Nevado is full of curves, but will give you many amazing views and photo opportunities.

If visiting Santiago from mid-June to mid-September, a ski day can be arranged at one of the three ski resorts nearby (El Colorado, La Parva or Valle Nevado). Of the three options, Valle Nevado is the tallest (the lowest elevation being 9,381 feet and the highest being 12,038 feet) and generally has the longest season and best snow conditions. August is a great month to visit, as the snow is more dependable during this month. A longer ski trip where you stay on the mountain can be arranged as well. Be sure to ask us about any questions you may have if you are thinking of skiing or boarding on your next trip to South America.

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