Tierra Patagonia: A Premier Torres del Paine Lodge

Posted by on April 5th, 2014

Hotel exterior

On the Chilean side of Patagonia sits one of the most renowned (and arguably most beautiful) destinations in the entire region: Torres del Paine National Park. Torres del Paine is a fantastic destination and a must-see for almost any visit to Patagonia, and a stay at Tierra Patagonia Lodge is an excellent way to experience the area. The lodge is about to wrap up its second full season of operation and has quickly established itself as one of the top options in the region.

For a long time, when people wanted a high-end stay in Torres del Paine, the iconic Explora Lodge was the only choice. It wasn’t until Tierra Patagonia opened in the 2012 season that there was a truly comparable alternative in the region. Members of the Vaya staff have stayed at Tierra Patagonia and seen firsthand what a great experience it Mountains outsideis, and it didn’t take long before we were booking Tierra Patagonia on a regular basis, with excellent results – it consistently receives superlative reviews from our travelers.

Tierra Patagonia is a hotel owned in part by the Purcell family, who now operate three iconic hotels in Chile (the historic Ski Portillo, Tierra Atacama in Chile’s desert, and Tierra Patagonia). I can speak from personal experience to the high standard to which the Purcells hold their properties, as I worked for Ski Portillo for several years before coming to Vaya Adventures. Customer service is of the utmost importance to the family, and in a place like Patagonia, where guiding is a major part of the experience, this is obviously imperative to a great Common areastay. As far as the hotel itself, it is stunning and truly unique. The design elements incorporated into the building have been praised in countless travel publications, the location is gorgeous (it sits just outside the Torres del Paine border and has a panoramic view of the Paine Massif), and the comfort and simplicity of the rooms perfectly complement the feel of this remote region of the world.

We can customize a Chile or Chile-Argentina trip in a number of ways to include a stay at Tierra Patagonia. Have a look at some of our Patagonia suggested itineraries or give us a call to learn more and start planning your trip.

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