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Liz Gaugert

An avid traveler, Liz is passionate about relishing the journey and seizing life's adventures. After graduating college with a degree in biotechnology and a minor in mathematics, Liz left the deserts of Arizona to experience the world. She spent one year in Asia before continuing her explorations to South America, where she has traveled, worked, and lived to this day. Liz now resides in Chile and, when not indulging her wanderlust, can usually be found cooking, hiking, reading, or playing tangos on the violin.

Languages Spoken:
English (native), Spanish (fluent)

Posts by Liz:

July 18th, 2019
Bariloche’s Enchanted Valley

For those who have heard of Bariloche, the name typically evokes images of blues and greens: sparkling lakes, immense forests, and tree-covered mountains. While this gorgeous scenery is rightfully a key attraction of the Lakes District region, there’s a less-visited side of Bariloche that also deserves recognition: The Enchanted Valley. This is where, 38 miles… Read Full Post

March 30th, 2019
An Icy Adventure: Kayaking in Antarctica

There’s something special about the serenity and proximity with nature you feel when kayaking, and the experience of paddling through icebergs in Antarctica is a memory that will last a lifetime. To be so close to the water, with penguins shooting past, mountains towering overhead, and icebergs floating by, is an incredible experience. It’s also… Read Full Post

Liz's Client Reviews:

Liz is absolutely fantastic. She worked with me for almost a year and got the trip just right. She went above and beyond to make sure everything was exactly what we wanted. I can't thank her enough for making this "bucket list" item a true dream come true.Renee Gonzales, Tucson, AZ
Liz was very helpful throughout the process. Did a great job making suggestions and really crafting a trip around our interest and time/financial constraints. The end result was a trip that exceeded all of our expectations. Liz communicated really well throughout the whole process and provided a lot of thoughtful little touches that made a big impression on us. Thank you so much.John Batug, Golden, CO
Liz was very helpful and approachable with all questions, and she adapted the tour to our preferences very well. She was detail oriented, planning well in advance and following through with everything. We were very happy with Liz and if/when we travel to SA again we will ask for her.Jeanne Pittari, Sugar Land, TX
Liz was absolutely superb. She provided excellent email responses as well as more detailed updates by phone. All of our questions were answered and we appreciated her follow-up on our areas of concern.Carole DeWall, Carlisle, PA
I also thank Liz for her professionalism, the tour she put together for us, her responsiveness to questions posed, AND her proactiveness providing information that might be of interest to us during our tour.Connie Gordon, New York, NY

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