A Typical Day on Safari

Posted by on May 21st, 2021

Sitting on the edge of your seat, binoculars heavy around your neck, camera in hand you watch breathlessly as a perfectly camouflaged leopard creeps slowly through the tall grasses toward a nervous herd of impala. Your heart races as you bear witness to this incredible wildlife encounter.  The thrill of the sighting and whatever the outcome is replayed as you sit around the fire that evening, with a drink in hand at the end of another magical day on safari.

This post aims to shed some light on what typical day on safari at a lodge or luxury tented camp in Africa. While there may be some slight differences depending on seasonality or the location of your lodge, there is a general outline of a typical day on safari. While there is no set schedule, there is a delicate balance of exciting game drives and restful downtime that makes for the perfect vacation.

This is your wake up call: 5:30-5:45 AM

Tailored to fit the time of year and when the sun rises, you will be woken up with a gentle knock on the door of your tent or suite. Left just outside is a tray of tea, coffee, or juice, with a few cookies or early morning snacks to get you ready for the morning ahead (preferences are always taken the night before).

The sun has yet to greet the day with its warmth, so layers are your best option to dress for these early mornings although blankets are always waiting aboard your safari vehicle just in case.

Out on Safari: Morning Game Drive 6:00 am to 9:00 AM (ish)

With a faint glow on the horizon, you head out into the park or reserve to see what the morning will bring. These magical morning hours are often when many creatures are most active, whether it be after an active night of hunting those stirring for the day ahead, making their way to waterholes, or fresh grazing. The glow of morning light produces some of the best photographs, snapped as you listen to a chorus of bird song swell, and the sun comes up over Africa.

Depending on the location you will stop for refreshments; tea, coffee, and snacks are set up and you have a chance to stretch your legs and enjoy being out in nature.

Breakfast: 9:30 – 11:00 am (ish)

Depending on what the morning has delivered, you head back to your lodge as the sun moves overhead and lots of creatures retreat to a shady spot to settle in for a rest in the heat of the day. Breakfast or brunch are laid out, generally with exceptional choice and you can freshen up before sitting down to eat.

Relax and enjoy the lodge: 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Post breakfast (or lunch) the day stretches ahead of you to do with as you please. Relax by the pool with a good book and a pair of binoculars or depending on the lodge take a dip in your private plunge pool as you lounge on the deck.

Indulge in a spa treatment, or use the gym facilities (both lodge dependent) head out for a guided nature walk with an expert guide and learn about the smaller elements of the ecosystem, browse through the well-appointed shop, make use of the many viewing decks and main areas, or take a nap after an early morning.

Enjoying your lodge amenities is a huge part of the safari experience. The unique location of many safari lodges means that the wildlife is often directly in front of, around, and even in camp, so keep your eyes peeled as you relax.

High-tea: 3:30 pm

What happened to lunch you ask? Many safari lodges are forgoing a formal lunch and replacing it with a high tea- with just as much food of course. You will never go hungry on safari and if you wanted something earlier, your lodge is happy to oblige, but the timing of a high tea often works seamlessly with game drives, and a later dinner.

Around 3 o’clock the excitement starts to build for the next game drive. It is time to change out of your swimsuit, grab your camera and an extra layer, and head to the main area of the lodge for a pre-game drive high tea.

Anything from lemon cake to sandwiches to spring rolls could be on offer, all served with the drinks of your choice. Your guide will often come down for a chat, and other guests at the lodge gather to swap stories before heading out onto the reserve again.

Afternoon Game Drive: 4:00-7:00 pm (ish)

RockFig Safari Lodge_elephant

RockFig Safari Lodge_elephant

The heat of the day is waning, and wildlife is once again on the move. Emerging from a day in the shade to quench their thirst at a water hole or by a riverbed or getting ready for an evening of hunting.

The adventure is being able to witness such an abundance of creatures in their natural habitat and never knowing what you may find around the next corner.

A stop at a scenic spot, as the sun makes its way back toward the horizon is the great safari tradition of ‘sundowners’ – refreshments and snacks enjoyed out in the bush. There is nothing more peaceful than enjoying a drink while watching the sunset over Africa.

If your lodge is in a private concession or reserve you will leisurely make your way back to the lodge after the darkness has set it, using a specialized spotlight to highlight any nocturnal creatures you come across who are just beginning their day.

Dinner: 7:30/8:00 pm

The fire is lit, and the table is laid as you roll back into camp for the evening, armed with new sightings and stories. Over a three-night stay, you will most likely dine in a different location each night, on the deck under the stars, around a fire at the boma, in the dining area, or out in the bush itself, mealtimes on safari are always a surprise and a delight.

There may be song and dance to accompany the many courses along with a drink or two as you close out another amazing day on safari.

Off to bed: 9-9:30 pm

Early rising in many cases also means early to bed and many people head off to their suite not long after dinner.

Take a hot bath, gaze at the stars, or nod right off to sleep.

The best part of a day on safari is sinking into the rhythm, of the day, and disconnecting from the pressures of life elsewhere. Stunning sunrises and sunsets, unparalleled wildlife sightings, incredible food, and amenities there is nowhere better to spend time than on safari in Africa.

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