New Ecuador Entry Requirements (updated)

Posted by on May 5th, 2017

*UPDATE* As of July 2018 the law requiring tourists to have proof of health insurance has been modified and is no longer required.

Effective September 2017, the Ecuadorian government will now require all tourists to carry proof of health insurance that covers them during their stay in Ecuador. While the government has yet to issue the exact details on how the immigration officials will be enforcing this new law, Vaya recommends that all travelers now carry the following proof of health insurance:

  1. Your health insurance card. If you do not have a health insurance card from your health insurance carrier, you can ask your insurer for a certificate of coverage which they will be able to supply you. Please carry this with you.  U.S. health insurance policies will in most cases cover you for emergency medical care while traveling abroad.
  2. Alternatively, or additionally, you could carry a copy of your travel insurance policy as long as that policy covers international medical emergencies, which most do. This type of traveler’s insurance is optional but could serve as proof of health insurance. If you want to purchase traveler’s insurance, one well-known company that we partner with is Allianz (international medical emergency coverage is included in all their policies). You can view and purchase one of their policies at the following link: Allianz Classic Plan, or by visiting the Allianz website.

Secondly, this law also stipulates that foreigners in the country under the tourist visa must carry their passport with them at all times while traveling. Vaya recommends keeping your original passport with you at all times while also storing a photo of your passport on your phone.

This post will be updated as we learn more about the implementation and enforcement of this new law.

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