Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) – A complete disconnect!

Posted by on June 7th, 2016

Thinking back to a past trip that has left countless memories in my mind inspired this blog post. A few years back I had the opportunity to spend a week in the very

remote Falkland Islands. In this far off destination, one must arrive and depart on a Saturday on the one commercial flight in and out of the islands which is operated by LAN Airlines. This round trip flight departs and arrives back to Punta Arenas. Therefore this destination is a great extension to do when visiting Chilean Patagonia.

When you arrive to the islands (composed of two large main islands plus many smaller ones) you will instantly feel the remoteness of the islands. As your week on the islands passes by you will feel a complete disconnect. The arrival is to a military airport since the islands have no commercial airport. After a 30 minute drive across mostly unpaved roads you arrive to Stanley. Besides staying in Stanley, one can visit various “camps” (small towns) around the islands or take some small airplane military flights at a minimal cost to visit and stay at lodges on the other islands.

Falkland Islands - Volunteer Point - Penguins

Falkland Islands – Volunteer Point – Penguins

The highlight of the Falklands if one could sum it up in one word would be penguins. The islands have more penguins then they do people which make them a great place to view penguins in their natural habitat. There are several species that can be seen including Magellanic, King, Macaroni, Rockhopper, and Gentoo Penguins. A great place for viewing them is at Volunteer Point (location of the photo). A very remote and distant location that requires a 4×4 and good weather, Volunteer Point will transport you to a far away place and create the perfect disconnect you are looking for. Contact one of our destination specialists about setting up a trip to this very special and remote destination!

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