Ushuaia – Hike to the Turquoise Lagoon

Posted by on February 12th, 2016


View from the peak

On a recent trip to Ushuaia I had the opportunity to hike a trail not too far from the city: the trail to the Turquoise Lagoon. This trail gets very few visitors, and has the feeling of a hidden gem.

After getting picked up from my hotel by our local partner in Ushuaia and a taking a quick 30 minute drive just outside of town, I was at the trail head.

Unassuming and not so impressive, the trail head starts along the main route leading away from Ushuaia. Step by step I began my ascent through a small wooded forest. The silence was golden and the forest immediately made me forget that just 30 minutes prior I had been in a small city. After less than an hour and a half of light to moderate hiking we arrived to a clearing; yes, it was the Turquoise Lagoon! This small lagoon is perched high enough to give you spectacular views. As it happens, my guide had to point out these views to me, as I was so fixated on the impressive lagoon itself!

Yes, behind me was an impressive valley with stunning views. I could see Laguna Esmeralda and a few glaciers in the distance. From here there were several hiking options – after, of course, admiring the view and getting a quick selfie in front of the rocks!

    • Easy – Take a short walk over to one of the grassy areas on the side of the mountain. From there you can see the Laguna Esmeralda, the Rainbow Valley, and a few glaciers in the distance. Here you can enjoy the boxed lunch that was prepared for you.


  • Moderate – Take a hike up above the Turquoise Lagoon. This involves scaling some of the jagged rocks and cliffs behind. While not too difficult, it does get windy and cold the higher you go. Once you get to the snowline you will have the chance to sit at the lookout and enjoy the different valleys that can be seen or you can continue to the peak by scaling the rocks a little bit higher. You will have lunch at the spot of your choosing.

Of course I choose the moderate hike and had lunch at the lookout. The views were incredible and the cold wind and light rain really added to the Patagonia feeling. After lunch, I began my descent and was back at my hotel by 3:00 p.m. This is a highly recommended excursion for those that like to hike. Feel free to contact us for more details if you would like to hike to the Turquoise Lagoon the next time you are in Ushuaia.

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