2019 Vaya Photo Contest Winners!

Posted by on January 16th, 2020

Throughout 2019 we were delighted to receive photos taken by our travelers. To everyone who sent us photos, thank you! We look at every one of them, and we appreciate the chance to experience our destinations through your eyes. Whether they’re showcasing outstanding natural beauty, untamed wildlife, or vibrant culture, your photos allow us to share in your excitement as you visit this continent that we love to explore.

Once again, we at Vaya were put to the difficult task of choosing this year’s photo contest winners. The decision was not easy, but here, in no specific order, are the winners of this year’s photo contest. Each will receive a new Patagonia Better Sweater. Congratulations! We look forward to seeing your trip photos from 2020.


Karl & Sally Vogl

Torres del Paine National Park – Patagonia, Chile

Located at the epicenter of Southern Patagonia, Torres del Paine National Park is one of our travelers’ favorite destinations. It’s a great place to experience Patagonia’s infamous four seasons in a day, its ever-changing landscapes, and a large variety of wildlife. Speaking of wildlife, that brings us to winner #2…

Sarah Shivers

Torres del Paine National Park – Patagonia, Chile

Wildlife is one of the highlights of Torres del Paine National Park. Common sights include guanacos (one of the two wild camelids of South America; the other is the vicuña; both are similar to the more common llamas and alpacas), rheas (similar to an ostrich or emu), and condors soaring overhead. However, the elusive pumas are harder to spot and even more difficult to photograph. Our hats are off to Sarah for not only spotting 3 juvenile pumas when exiting the French Valley, but for capturing them on camera.

Nicole Stephenson

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

The Galapagos are famous for the abundant wildlife that can be seen on and around the islands, from land tortoises to marine iguanas to Equatorial penguins and much, much more. We loved this photo of a dolphin jumping out of the sea.

Honorable Mentions

Howard Bergman

Sacred Valley (Mount Veronica, 19,300 feet) – Cusco, Peru

John Schwartz

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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