Restaurants of the Casablanca Wine Valley

Posted by on June 29th, 2017

Located only about a 1.5 hour drive from Chile’s capital Santiago, the Casablanca Wine Valley is a great place to eat. Here you can find excellent Chilean dishes expertly paired with wines produced by the local Casablanca vineyards. If you have a free day while in Santiago (or even a free afternoon), it is highly recommended to visit the Casablanca Valley. You can enjoy a wine tour at one of its many vineyards (Veramonte, Emiliana, Viñamar, William Cole, Loma Larga, Indomita, Kingston, Casas del Bosque, and more) or eat at one of the many restaurants, most of which are found within the actual vineyards. We will focus on just two in this blog post.


Located at Viñamar Vineyards, just alongside the highway, Macedero is a must. Reservations are highly recommended and the best time to go is for an early afternoon lunch. Request a table on the outdoor terrace. This restaurant serves up a gourmet experience that is sure to please. Complement your meal with some of the local white wines and sparkling wines that Viñamar produces. After lunch, you will want to enjoy one of their signature deserts with a small espresso or just walk around the property and its lovely gardens.

Estancia El Cuadro

Located just north of Casablanca, Estancia El Cuadro is a beautiful vineyard that produces wines under the “Magna” label. Onsite is a restaurant that gives stunning views of the valley and vineyards, and both the indoor and outdoor seating will provide you with such views. If the weather is suitable, it is recommended to sit in the shaded outdoor part. The menu offers a variety of Chilean cuisine with a modern twist. Start with a Chardonnay Sour and be sure to enjoy a dish from each course to get the full taste of the region. If you are a fan of Pinot Noir, be sure to order a glass here.

Now, if your appetite has already been whet, go no further. However, if you are looking for a more laid-back experience, be sure to request a picnic lunch at one of the vineyards. Kingston Vineyards has a peaceful outdoor picnic area and will cater a private lunch any day of the week. Ask one of our Destination Specialists for help setting this up if you are interested in a private, more relaxed lunch in the Casablanca Valley. Either way, at one of the restaurants or during the picnic, you are sure to have great memories, food, and wine!

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