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Gabrielle Venturi

Gabrielle was born and raised in Denver, but spent many years of her adult life outside of the United States. She graduated with degrees in English Literature and Spanish from the University of Toronto, and afterward worked for 5 years on research projects at a Mesoamerican Studies foundation. A city girl with mountain roots, Gabrielle has lived and traveled extensively in South & Central America and is just as comfortable tottering in high heels on the tango floor as she is trekking the wilds of Patagonia.

Languages Spoken:
English (native), Spanish (fluent), Portuguese (basic)

Posts by Gabrielle:

May 31st, 2024
Chile’s Aysén Region and Patagonia National Park

When you think of Patagonia what comes to mind? Dramatic, wind-swept landscapes, jagged peaks next to soaring glaciers, uninhabited and raw nature? Likely you have heard of a few famous areas such as Torres del Paine National Park, Los Glaciares National Park and Tierra del Fuego. These areas are justifiably famous and incredibly beautiful. They… Read Full Post

July 13th, 2023
Jaguar Spotting in the Pantanal: South vs. North

Intro Perhaps one of the best-kept wildlife secrets in South America is the Pantanal of Brazil. Often referred to as a “Brazilian safari,” there are 2 main regions in the Pantanal where it is possible and even common to see jaguars in the wild, as well as many other beautiful species. I was lucky to… Read Full Post

Gabrielle's Client Reviews:

Gabrielle is priceless. A joy to work with and so knowledgeable and helpful and responsive that I think of her as a friend! Bob and Patricia Anderson, Kingston, WA
Gabrielle was wonderful to work with. Everything she planned for us was exactly what we like to do. Craig Johnson, Encinitas, CA
Gabrielle’s practical advice helped us tailor a fantastic and effortless vacation. She is an ultimate professional, prompt, courteous and kind, and she treated me with ultimate respect and courtesy. She worked miracles within our budget and did a great job creating an epic memory for us. Ruth A. Pavilonis, Copperopolis, CA
Gabrielle is our go to person for Central and South America - we couldn't possibly go elsewhere now as no one else would be good enough. Alison Adams, Bermuda

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